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Britt Lena K(229-648-6302)
Franklin Propane Gas(478-552-6667)
Barja Roberto H MD(478-552-9402)
The Bone and Joint Orthopaedic Sur(478-552-9402)
Jet Food Store(478-552-1072)
B & H Transfer(478-553-0908)
B-H Transfer Company(478-552-5119)
Walton R T(478-552-4069)
Lee E P(478-552-2193)
Willis Aubin H Jr(478-552-5547)
Barker Dan(478-552-1579)
Barker John F(478-552-3057)
Barker Kathy(478-552-1579)
Cochran Henry(478-552-7221)
Register Joanne(478-240-9353)
Meeks Russell(478-552-8270)
Meeks Neal(478-552-7661)
Wiggins Frank E(478-552-3844)
Wiggins Frank Jr(478-552-4021)
Renfroe Charlie(478-240-9097)
Williams Latarsha(478-552-5753)
Taylor Essie(478-552-5806)
Walker Kanesha(478-552-0671)
May Josephine(478-552-8767)
Bay Springs Baptist Church(478-552-3545)
Smith Hester(478-552-0015)
Smith Ulyses A(478-552-0015)
Swint Willie B(478-552-2613)
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