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Ayers Virginia(912-857-3168)
Millen City of(478-982-2512)
Millen City of Clerk(478-982-6100)
Sims Avon(478-982-1452)
Haggins James E(478-982-0331)
Plummer Mary B(478-982-2271)
Goodbee M(478-982-8180)
Green Prince(478-982-2766)
Griffin X A(478-982-3929)
Williams Henry D(478-982-2552)
Dixon Beatrice(478-982-9168)
Williams Aderson(478-982-4033)
Scott Clayton(478-982-2206)
Brown Daisy(478-982-4519)
Grier Mary(478-982-1756)
Sanders Louise(478-982-8166)
Robinson Ruth(478-982-1458)
Lacue Annie R(478-982-4728)
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