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Wiggins Martha W(912-685-7675)
McNeill Tony(912-685-9366)
McNeely Sarah M(912-685-2278)
Brown John W(912-685-6401)
Heard Barbara A(912-685-4129)
Jamerson Juanita(912-685-6293)
Lanier Minnie M(912-685-2842)
Tippins Lucy B(912-685-9343)
Holloway Riley(912-685-6229)
Selders Lois(912-685-3665)
Selders Tom(912-685-3665)
Candler County(912-685-2443)
City of Metter(912-685-2658)
Cromer Doris H(912-685-5452)
Metter City of(912-685-2527)
Metter Community Center(912-685-2443)
Abernathy Charlotte(912-685-6238)
Abernathy Earl W(912-685-6238)
Adamson Charles A(912-685-5267)
Allen Corine B(912-685-2815)
Baggett R A(912-685-5751)
Bailey Allison(912-685-5598)
Bailey Bonney(912-685-5598)
Bailey Clayton(912-685-5598)
Berry Donald(912-685-2749)
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