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Kemp Ira C(478-946-3524)
Smith Claudie(478-788-5443)
Lawson Margaret(478-781-6118)
Taylor Bub(478-785-0800)
Taylor Debra(478-785-0800)
Taylor James B(478-781-1861)
Holly Grove Baptist Church(478-935-3713)
Stenson Marshell(478-935-8676)
Cheeley Annie L(478-935-3320)
Jones Henry(478-935-6841)
Little Man's Store(478-935-8515)
Dougherty Barbara(478-935-9141)
Dougherty Charles(478-935-9142)
Moore Ray(478-935-2218)
Thompson P D(478-935-2470)
Palmer Mary(478-935-9663)
Tucker J A(478-935-8051)
Hall Sonya L(478-935-8388)
Coley James J(478-935-8187)
Kitchens C F(478-935-3634)
McDaniel Jade(478-935-3723)
McDaniel Kimberly(478-935-3235)
Sanders William M(478-935-8760)
Davis Ronald L(478-935-2612)
Nichols Donald L SR(478-935-3629)
Minton Nathan(478-935-8262)
Widener Carey L(478-935-8886)
Brown Larry A(478-935-2127)
Crime Protection Service(478-935-3432)
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