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Aldrich Whitney(912-526-5224)
Mack Jackson(478-625-7707)
Jackson Barbara(478-625-9314)
Lowery Ella M(478-625-3130)
Hall M L(478-625-7292)
Gibbons Celia(478-625-3877)
Hall J B(478-625-7992)
Louisville City of(478-625-3881)
Brown Lawson(478-625-7229)
Brown Paige(478-625-7229)
Summer Grady H(478-625-3104)
Hannah Quantrell(478-625-7716)
Harvey Mary V(478-625-3247)
Harvey Ted(478-625-3247)
Mays Floyd L III(478-625-3848)
Lewis Leroy(478-625-7673)
Mayhew Judith(478-625-3587)
Fleming Tommie(478-625-7006)
Farrington J C(478-625-9122)
Ga State Government(478-625-9297)
Jefferson County of(478-625-7372)
Lafavors Barbara(478-625-7976)
Mitchell M(478-625-0762)
Redding Construction Commerical and(478-625-1118)
Gibbons J(478-625-8280)
White Wright(478-625-9552)
Fleming Freddie(478-625-8614)
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