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1st Union Baptist Church(912-772-3060)
Nessmith Lori D(912-823-3349)
Trawick Nick C(912-653-3733)
Pack Brenda(912-653-3720)
Pack Larry(912-653-3720)
Edenfield Freddie(912-858-2444)
Edenfield Mildred(912-858-2444)
Smith William M(912-858-2803)
Blalock Minnie(912-858-2388)
Cook Leon H(912-858-2796)
Golding Herman L(912-858-4368)
Smith Henry(912-858-4272)
Olliff Earl(912-858-3108)
Allhiser Robert D(912-823-3911)
Ferrari William J(912-823-4129)
Rubio Rosario(912-823-9888)
Rodgers Jennifer R(912-823-2733)
Asbury Herbert V(912-823-2061)
Mock J S(912-858-2253)
Mock W B(912-858-2333)
El Cheapo 30(912-858-2373)
El Cheapo # 30(912-858-3373)
Equity Pay Telephone Co Inc(912-858-3793)
Zip 'n Food Store No 4(912-858-3705)
Gardner Myrick(912-858-2674)
Crosby Allen A(912-858-2930)
Knight Donnie(912-858-4432)
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