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A & T Roofing(706-795-5264)
Taliaferro County Career Opportun(706-456-2583)
Stewart Charles S(706-456-2730)
Morris Robert(706-456-2195)
Ellington J P Jr(706-456-2288)
Bell Nathaniel(706-456-2556)
Mt Olive Baptist Church(706-456-2905)
Paschal Sallie M(706-456-2473)
Georgia Department of Natural Resourc(706-456-2186)
Georgia State of(706-456-2186)
Reese David(706-456-2128)
Chapman Dorothy(706-456-3029)
Wright Cohen(706-456-2419)
Taylor A W(706-456-2535)
Stewart Edith A(706-456-2428)
Allen John(706-456-2776)
Allen Katherine(706-456-2776)
Lewis Benjamin(706-456-2450)
Baughn I A(706-456-2927)
Rice Julia(706-456-2794)
Rice Robert(706-456-2794)
Greene Sam D(706-456-2411)
Combs Eddie(706-456-3375)
Jones Diane(706-456-3353)
Randolph Robert B 1SG US Army Retired(706-456-3248)
Brindle Regnal(706-456-2739)
Daniel Samuel F(706-456-2986)
Hughes and Turner Funeral Home(706-456-2106)
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