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Blease James H(229-775-2730)
Steedley Vicky(912-487-3221)
Prescott Amber(912-487-5460)
Prescott Patrick(912-487-5460)
Minshew Penny(912-487-3110)
Harper James M(912-487-1723)
Grantham Maxine(912-487-3503)
Grantham Pete(912-487-3503)
Griffis Robin(912-487-2418)
Hartley Linda F(912-487-1721)
Jordan Dana(912-487-1648)
King Delois(912-487-2183)
King T(912-487-3475)
King Timothy(912-487-2183)
Smith Ethal(912-487-2976)
Evans Janice(912-487-2179)
Evans Larry(912-487-2179)
Bennett Dell L(912-487-2587)
Delk Sandra(912-487-5363)
Acebedo Martin(912-422-7764)
Adams Gertie(912-422-3567)
Anderson Judy(912-422-6140)
Axson Evangelistic Church Parsonag(912-422-7157)
Bailon Alicia(912-422-6548)
Batchelor David(912-422-6199)
Bazemore Robbie D(912-422-7227)
Bennett P(912-384-8679)
Bohannon Karen(912-422-3589)
Boone Bobby(912-422-7691)
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